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Claims for the movie Miracle.
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This is the second Miracle Claims community, for those of you who got beat to stuff that was claimed all ready.

1. You must join and stay a member to claim anything
2. You are allowed 4 claims, and 2 extra if you advertise, ie posting your claims on your user info, making a banner, etc.
3. Be nice.
4. Once something or someone has been claimed, it may not be claimed again unless the original claimer is willing to share.
5. Above all, have fun!!

Billy Schneider claimed by goaliechick02
Bobby Hanson claimed by misshalen
"Can you even read silky?" bar scene claimed by misshalen
Christmas scene claimed by __liferealized
Costume Party scene claimed by mushroom___
Dave Christian's intro claimed by djtino224
Dave Silk claimed by misshalen
"Dream On" ending music claimed by princessillini
Eric Peter-Kaiser claimed by goaliechick02
Eric Peter-Kaiser's eyes claimed by xdummie_bearx
Eric Peter-Kaiser's smile claimed by xdummie_bearx
Eruizone's "Mike Eruzione. Winthrop, Massachusetts..." scene claimed by blackngold3744
The Number 5 claimed by __liferealized
Herb and Mac's argument claimed by djtino224
Herb's "Again" line claimed by princessillini
Jim Craig's goalie pads claimed by djtino224
Jim Craig's clover on the side of his mask claimed by princessillini
Joe Cure claimed by __liferealized
Joe Cure's lines claimed by __liferealized
Joe Cure's scenes claimed by __liferealized
Mark Johnson claimed by goaliechick02
"Mark Johnson; Madison, Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin, coach" scene claimed by xdummie_bearx
Mike Eruzione claimed by princessillini
Mike Ramsey claimed by __liferealized
Moose that was hit claimed by mushroom___
Nate Miller claimed by __liferealized
Nathan West claimed by goaliechick02
Neal Schneider claimed by smileygrrl81
Nick Postle claimed by xdummie_bearx
OC's "OC's playin' baby!" scene claimed by blackngold3744
OC's "They're Russians, they'll get shot if they smile" line claimed by djtino224
Patrick O'Brien-Demsey claimed by djtino224
Patrick O'Brien-Demsey's smile claimed by _liferealized
Rizzo's game winning goal against the Soviets claimed by djtino224
Rizzo's Head shake at the end claimed by princessillini
"Screw Em"~Herb Brooks claimed by mushroom___
Silk's Christmas gift of panties claimed by misshalen
The Third Goal of the Soviet Union made by Mark Johnson claimed by xdummie_bearx
"The Walk" to the ice claimed by princessillini
Vladislav Tretiak claimed by mushroom___
"We're a Family" scene claimed by xdummie_bearx