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Claims for the movie Miracle.
2nd-Jul-2005 08:19 pm(no subject)
im new!! yayy... okay i claim...
1. Vladislav Tretiak
2. "SCREW 'EM!" ~Herb Brooks
3. The moose that got hit.
4. The costume party scene.

hope i did this right!! *grinns*
24th-Jun-2005 12:33 pm(no subject)
tulo 3
Anything claimed by xfalling4you is now up for grabs.
19th-Apr-2005 10:56 am - quick
is there anyway i can claim patrick o'brien demsey's smile since the girl that claimed left livejournal? it's ok if i can't, i was just curious.
31st-Mar-2005 09:51 am - Hey all!
Hi everyone! My name's Jess and I just stumbled on this community. It so rocks, by the way. Anyway, if I can start claiming things I'd like:

Eruzione's "Mike Eruzione. Winthrop, Massachusetts..." scene
OC's "OC's playin' baby!" scene.

Thanks! Anyone feel free to add me as a friend, I'll definitely add you back.
1st-Mar-2005 11:29 am - I love this community!! <3
pink pearls
hi! i'm new!!

You guys come up with the cutest claims! this idea is splendid! and i'm glad i joined before someone stole my baby!!!

can i claim already?

if so I'd like to claim:

1) Bobby Hanson
2) Dave Silk
3) The "can you even read silky?"bar scene
4) and the panties they give him(Silk) for christmas!



22nd-Feb-2005 06:17 pm(no subject)
HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE MIRACLE ON ICE!!! Remember everyone for those of you who have ESPN Classic: Tonight at 8 pm will be a showing of the original Olympic game against the Soviets. Also Thursday on the same channel will be a showing of the GOLD MEDAL game against Finland. Don't miss it!!!!
9th-Feb-2005 07:08 pm(no subject)
Hey Everyone!!! I'm new here!!! *waves* My name is Christina and I'd like to make a couple of claims:

1. Eddie Cahill
2. Eddie Cahill's Eyes
3. Patrick O'Brien Demsey's Smile
4. "The Medal Ceremony" Scene.
I'm putting my claims in my profile so here are my two more:
5. Herb Brooks's Speech before the Soviet Game
6. The Entire US-Soviet Game

Are these claims good? I looked and I didn't see any of these being claimed. If I accidentally didn't see someone else's claim on this stuff just post and I'll delete.
2nd-Feb-2005 07:46 pm - i'm new
hey guys my name is robyn and i just joined this community. my screen name is dolphey76 for anyone who wants to talk. i don't know if i should claim now but i think i'll do that in a couple of days just because i just joined. so yea i just wanted to say hi!
20th-Dec-2004 04:25 pm(no subject)
Hey, I thought I'd tell you guys that I switched usernames...I as in xxthatonegirlxx. Now it is, of course, xdummie_bearx. Thanks!
14th-Dec-2004 03:25 pm(no subject)
All right, since rangerschick88 has deleted her LJ, her claims are now up for grabs.
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